Esther Tanck, Ph.D.

Esther Tanck, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory (ORL) Nijmegen, UMCN
T: +31 (0) 24 36 16959
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Research Impression

About me

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Research Impression

The research lines of the department are related to ‘bone mechanics: osteoporosis and fracture prediction’ (Esther Tanck), ‘regenerative medicine’ and ‘implants’ (Nico Verdonschot).

In my research line we aim to:


improve the prediction in femoral fracture risk in patients with bone metastases by developing patient specific computer models, i.e., non linear finite element models. In addition our goal is to implement a new and fast tool for fracture risk prediction in a clinical setting.


gain inside into effect of using fall techniques on the femoral fracture risk in the elderly and osteoporotic patients. By determining which aspects of the fall techniques decrease the femoral fracture risk, we are able to optimize fall-training in the elderly and osteoporotic patients.


improve insigth in the biomechanical consequences of osteoporotic vertebral fractures and percutaneous vertebroplasty in order to optimize the treatment in future patients.


I am involved in many teaching activities for students Biomedical Health Sciences, particularly for the major ‘Clinical Human Movement Sciences‘ of which I am a tutor.
I am member of the Education Management Team 1 of the Medicine Bachelor’s program and I am in the Examination Board of Biomedical Sciences (BMW).

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