Fall Fracture Risk

Effects of the Martial Arts fall technique on the femoral fracture risk

This is a collaborative project with the Sint Maartenskliniek. The project focuses on combining motion analysis data with finite element analysis of the femoral bone during impact of a fall. Several fall techniques will be recorded with the Vicon motion analysis system, accelerometers and force plates. The estimated impact loads will be applied to finite element (FE) models of the femur. The FE simulations will predict if femoral fracture will occur or not.

The ultimate goal is to gain insight in the effect of using fall techniques on the femoral fracture risk in the elderly and osteoporotic patients. By determining which aspects of the fall techniques decrease the femoral fracture risk, we are able to optimize fall-training in the elderly and osteoporotic patients.

Ph.D. Student:
Former Ph.D. Student:
Astrid van der Zijden
Nico Verdonschot
Esther Tanck
Vivian Weerdesteyn (Sint Maartenskliniek)
Brenda Groen (Sint Maartenskliniek)

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