Meniscus Implant Related Factors

Optimising Meniscus Implants for Superior Chondroprotection

It is the main aim of all meniscus research to develop implants that protect the cartilage. However, the critical factors in the joint environment that determine the success of a particular implant are not well understood. From cartilage research it is known that during osteoarthritis the balance between anabolic (e.g., TGFß) and catabolic factors (e.g., Il-6) is lost. It can be expected that this balance is already lost before and/or directly after the surgical insertion of a meniscus implant in a traumatized joint environment.

In this research line we will investigate the effects of various new meniscus replacement procedures on the restoration of the balance between catabolic and anabolic factors. We expect to identify implant related factors (surgery, biomechanics, surface properties), which can change this balance and direct the development of the new meniscus implants.

For more information on this project see the web-page of Wojciech Madej.

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