Thierry van Wessel, M.Sc.

About me

In 2015 I graduated from my bachelor study Medical Imaging and Radiotherapeutical Techniques at the Fontys university of applied science in Eindhoven. Directly after, I started the premaster Biomedical sciences and finally I finished the master in march 2019. On January 1st, 2019 I started working as a student assistant at the Orthopedic Research Lab (ORL), and continued after graduation as junior researcher. Since March 2019 I work full-time at the ORL on Lieke Sweerts her project, with Sebastiaan van de Groes as supervisor.

Thierry van Wessel MSc

Research Impression

Total knee- and total hip arthroplasty (TKA, and THA) has been one of the most successful and cost-effective surgical procedures in the recent years. Due to this surgical intervention quality of life rises while functionality of the joints is ameliorated extensively. Although TKA and THA are considered safe, surgical complications can interfere with a successful outcome or can even put patients in a life-threatening situation. Study findings show that comorbid diseases and/or medication use are known to influence patient outcome in a negative manner and rise complication risk in patients undergoing TKA or THA. For example poorly controlled diabetes mellites, morbid obesity, cardiovascular disease, and a history of corticosteroid use adversely affects clinical outcome of patients.

Until now, pre-operative risk estimation tools do not include comorbidities or patients’ medication use. Therefore, the aim of this project is to develop a decision aid which takes into account several factors such as age, body mass index, tobacco use, Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), and does also include comorbidities and medication use. By analyzing data from LROI, KSS and complication registration retrospectively from the past 16 years, we will create this tool which estimates risk of complications in a higher patient specific way than current models.