ISTA Maui (Hawaii)

August 2022

One of the nicest things of doing research is to visit conferences and to meet other researchers in the same research area. The International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA) had a very unpleasant location this year, namely Maui, on Hawaii. Therefore, Dennis, Thom, Nico, Thomas and Corine travelled to Hawaii to attend this conference. As this is not a location you will come very often during your life, all (except oneā€¦) of us took some days off in which we explored the beautiful and diverse nature including waterfalls, bamboo forest, volcanic landscape and sea views. After some very relaxing days, it was time for the conference. Corine and Thomas presented their e-posters, while Dennis presented 2 times on the podium. It was a fruitful and interesting conference.