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Ph.D. Dissertations of the Orthopaedic Research Lab Nijmegen

Aquarius, René
Arts, Chris
Barink, Marco
Berahmani, Sanaz
Biemond, Liesbeth
Bisseling, Pepijn
Bitter, Thom
Blankevoort, Leendert
Bochyńska, Agnieszka
Bolder, Stefan
Boonstra, Miranda
van Egmond, Nienke
Dalstra, Michel
Derikx, Loes
van der Donk, Sanne
van der Geest, Ingrid
Gijsbertse, Kaj
Groenen, Karlijn
van de Groes, Sebastiaan
Hannink, Gerjon
Holla, Micha
Homminga, Jasper
Hosman, Allard
Huiskes Rik
Janssen, Dennis
van Kampen, Albert
Kolk, Sjoerd
Kuiper, Jan Herman
Lamerigts, Nancy
Leijendekkers, Ruud
van Lenthe, Harrie
van Loon, Corne
Luites, Joan
Madej, Wojciech

Marra, Marco
Mazzoli, Valentina
Mommersteeg, Dorothea
de Mulder, Eric
Mullender, Margriet
Naghibi Beidokhti, Hamid
Niu, Kenan
van Osch, Gerjo
Rachmat, Hendi
van Rens, Theo
van Rietbergen, Bert
Rijnen, Wim
Rongen, Jan
Schmitz, Marloes
Schreuder, Bart
Schreurs, Wim
Slooff, Tom
Sprengers, André
Stolk, Jan
Te Stroet, Martijn
van Susante, Job
Tanck, Esther
Tarala, Maria
van Tienen, Tony
Tigchelaar, Siebren
Tomaszewski, Pawel
Verdonschot, Nico
Verspoor, Floortje
Vrancken, Anne
de Waal Malefijt, Maarten
Waanders, Daan
Walschot, Luc
Weinans, Harrie
Zelle, Jorrit

2019 April 16th

Marra, Marco;
Personalized Musculoskeletal Modeling of the Knee Joint.

2019 February 15th

Leijendekkers, Ruud;
Step by Step: Rehabilitation and Outcomes of Persons with a Lower Extremity Amputation Using a Bone-Anchored Prosthesis.

2018 December 20th

Gijsbertse, Kaj;
Functional Ultrasound Imaging of the Lower Extremity

2018 December 17th

Bitter, Thom;
A Finite Element Approach for Wear Prediction at the Taper Junction in Modular Total Hip Arthroplasty.

2018 November 19th

Naghibi Beidokhti, Hamid;
Personalized Finite Element Models of the Knee Joint: a Platform for Optimal Orthopedic Surgery Pre-Planning.

2018 November 8th

Verspoor, Floortje;
Tenosynovial Giant Cell Tumours: the good, the bad and the ugly.

2018 June 22nd

van Egmond, Nienke;
Joint Preservation of Unicompartmental Knee Osteoarthritis.

2018 April 17th

Groenen, Karlijn;
Spinal (In)stability in Metastatic Bone Disease. Experimental, Computational, and Clinical Perspectives.

2018 April 10th

Kolk, Sjoerd;
New Perspectives on Functional Assessment in Musculoskeletal Research and Orthopedic Surgery.

2018 February 15th

Niu, Kenan;
Ultrasound based Skeletal Motion Capture : the development and validation of a Non-Invasive Knee Joint Motion Tracking Method.

2017 December 18th

Holla, Micha;
New Perspectives on External Immobilization of the Cervical Spine.

2017 December 6th

Mazzoli, Valentina;
Functional MRI of the Lower Extremities.

2017 November 17th

Tigchelaar, Siebren;
Patellofemoral Disorders: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment.

2017 October 6th

Madej, Wojciech;
The Importance of Mechanical Loading for TGF-ß Signaling in Articular Cartilage.

2017 September 27th

Schmitz, Marloes;
Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty and Impaction Bone Grafting in Young Patients.

2017 March 27th

Berahmani, Sanaz;
Press-Fit Stability of Cementless Femoral Knee Implants. A Biomechanical Evaluation.

2017 January 6th

Bisseling, Pepijn;
Hip Resurfacing: Perceptions after the Storm.

2016 December 16th

Te Stroet, Martijn;
Clinical and Radiographic Outcome of Cemented Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty.

2016 December 12th

Rongen, Jan;
An Evidence Based Evaluation of the Treatment of Meniscus Tears.

2016 July 8th

Bochyńska, Agnieszka;
Development of Biodegradable Adhesives for Meniscus Repair.

2016 April 22nd

Luites, Joan;
Innovations in Femoral Tunnel Positioning for Anatomical ACL Reconstruction.

2015 November 19th

Derikx, Loes;
Femoral Fracture Risk Prediction in Metastatic Bone Disease.

2015 September 25th

Vrancken, Anne;
Preclinical Evaluation of a Polymer Total Meniscus Implant

2015 March 25th

Rachmat, Hendi;
Towards a Subject-Specific Knee Model to Optimize ACL Reconstruction

2014 November 13th

van de Groes, Sebastiaan;
Aseptic Loosening and Anterior Knee Pain in High-Flexion Total Knee Arthroplasty

2014 February 5th

Walschot, Luc;
Porous Titanium Particles as a full Bone Substitute for Defect Reconstruction in Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

2013 December 19th

Sprengers, André;
Continuously tagged MRI of Non-Periodic Motion

2013 July 2nd

Aquarius, René;
Causes and Effects of Spinal Fractures

2013 June 10th

de Mulder, Eric;
Meniscus Tissue Engineering

2012 November 6th

Tarala, Maria;
Finite Element Advancements to Improve Performance of Cementless Hip Implants

2012 Oktober 31st

Tomaszewski, Pawel;
Osseointegrated System for Fixation of Upper Leg Protheses

2012 October 30th

Biemond, Liesbeth;
Bone Ingrowth Potential of Porous Implants Produced by Rapid Prototyping

2012 April 3th

Waanders, Daan;
Micro and Macro Level Damage:
Mechanics of the Cement-Bone Interface in Total Hip Arthroplasty

2011 July 12th

Zelle, Jorrit;
Biomechanical Aspects of High-Flexion Total Knee Arthroplasty:
Is it safe to flex to the max?

2011 January 12th

van der Geest, Ingrid;
Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors: Results of Cryosurgical Treatment and Quality of Life Studies

2010 March 26th

Rijnen, Wim;
Treatment Modalities for Osteonecrosis of Hip and Knee

2010 March 19th

Boonstra, Miranda;
The Sit-to-Stand Movement:
a Clinical Evaluation Tool for Knee and Hip Arthroplasty Patients

2009 April 14th

Janssen, Dennis;
Macro- and Micromechanics of Cemented Total Hip Arthroplasty

2008 June 5th

Hannink, Gerjon;
Bone Impaction Grafting under Reconstruction

2007 January 12th

Barink, Marco;
Design Improvements in Total Knee Arthroplasty

2006 April 6th

Arts, Chris;
New Developments in Bone Impaction Grafting

2004 June 18th

van Tienen, Tony;
In Vivo Tissue Engineering of the Knee Joint Meniscus

2004 March 25th

Bolder, Stefan;
Defect Reconstruction with Impacted Morsellized Bone Grafts in Total Hip Arthroplasty

2003 March 21st

Hosman, Allard;
Idiopathic Thoracic Spinal Deformaties and Compensatory Mechanisms.

2003 January 22nd

Homminga, Jasper;
Towards a Rational Definition of Osteoporosis

2003 January 14th

Stolk, Jan;
A Computerized Pre-Clinical Test for Cemented Hip Prostheses Based on Finite Element Techniques

2002 May 14th

van der Donk, Sanne;
Experimental and Clinical Data on the Incorporation of Impacted Morsellized Bone Grafts


van Lenthe, Harrie;
Structure-Function Relationships in Bone: Application in Orthopedics and Endocrinology

2001 June 11th

Tanck, Esther;
Mechanical Regulation of Bone Development


van Loon, Corne;
Femoral Bone Loss in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Aetiology and Repair


van Susante, Job;
Tissue Engineering: a New Approach in Articular Cartilage Repair


Lamerigts, Nancy;
The Incorporation Process of Morsellized Bone Graft: Biological and Mechanical Factors

1997 November 28th

Schreuder, Willem Bartho;
The Cryosurgical Treatment of Benign and Low-Grade Malignant Bone Tumors

1997 November 11th

Mullender, Margriet;
The Process of Mechanical Adaptation in Trabecular Bone

1996 December 2nd

van Rietbergen, Bert;
Mechanical Behavior and Adaptation of Trabecular Bone in Relation to Bone Morphology

1995 November 28th

Verdonschot, Nico;
Biomechanical Failure Scenarios for Cemented Total Hip Replacement

1994 December 9th

Schreurs, Wim;
Reconstructive Options in Revision Surgery of Failed Total Hip Arthroplasties

1994 September 20

Mommersteeg, Dorothea;
Human Knee Ligaments: Structure, Function and Mechanical Properties

1994 September 19th

van Osch, Gerjo;
Site-Specific Changes in Experimental Degenerative Knee Joint Disease in Mice: Biochemical, Histological and Biomechanical Analysis

1993 November 15th

Dalstra, Michel;
Biomechanical Aspects of the Pelvic Bone and Design Criteria for Acetabular Prostheses

1993 April 26th

Kuiper, Jan Herman;
Numerical Optimization of Artificial Hip Joint Designs

1991 November 7th

Weinans, Harrie;
Mechanically Induced Bone Adaptations around Orthopaedic Implants

1991 October 9th

Blankevoort, Leendert;
Passive Motion Characteristics of the Human Knee Joint:
Experiments and Computer Simulations

1990 September 5th

de Waal Malefijt, Maarten;
Klinische Rontgenologische en Biomechanische Analyse van de Tara-Prothese

1987 June 19th

van Kampen, Albert;
The Three-Dimensional Tracking Pattern of the Patella, In Vitro Analysis.

1988 Huiskes Rik (Founder of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory)???

1970 October 8th

Slooff, Tom (T.J.J.H.);
een klinische, theoretische, histologische en mechanische studie.

1965 March 5th

van Rens, Theo;
Een experimenteel-pathologisch onderzoek naar de relatie tussen parenchym- en vaatafwijkingen van de long.

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