For many years now, the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory (ORL) has been involved in teaching activities, particularly for students of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, with courses about biomechanics:
MED-MIN05 Moving Questions: an introduction to Clinical Human Movement Sciences
MED-BMS53 Orthopaedic Biomechanics in Motion

Teaching coordinator and mentor of the RIHS with specialization in Human Movement Sciences is Esther Tanck.

Internships (Abroad)

You are welcome to fulfill an internship at the ORL. Every year, we supervise students from Biomedical Sciences, Medical Sciences, (Bio)Mechanical Engineering or related studies. We coordinate both minor and major internships for the bachelor and/or master period. The subject is often related to one of our current research projects. You may scroll through them to find an interesting topic.
The ORL has many international contacts and we will help you to find an internship abroad.

For more information and requests about internships please contact:

Medicine and Biomedical Sciences: Esther Tanck
Engineering: Nico Verdonschot

Internship Projects of the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Cementless Tibia Implant Fixation
Researcher: Esther Sanchez;
Intern: Bachelor and/or Master

  • Compare displacements of standard versus new implant designs by making experiments to 12 cadaver specimens and measure the displacement of the implants relative to the bones.
  • Create Finite Element models for the tibia using the same loading conditions during experiments and compare the results.
  • Make damage model between bone scans before and after implant placement by doing an image registration.
Improving Orthopaedic Care for Young Patients Requiring Total Hip Arthroplasty in The Netherlands
Researcher: Martijn Kuijpers;
Intern: Bachelor and/or Master
This project aims to analyze the trends of the used types of Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) in young patients in the Netherlands; i.e. study the midterm survival of THA, analyze which procedures are most successful and identify the ones that have a higher risk for early revisions. By using the patient reported outcome measurements (PROMs), available in the LROI (Landelijke Registratie Orthopedische Implantaten) data set up to one year postoperatively, we aim to investigate which implant or technique will produce the highest patient satisfaction and functionality one year after THA.
Knee Implant Fixation
Researcher: Thomas Anijs;
Intern: Bachelor and/or Master
Implant Fixation in a Cementless Total Knee Replacement. Conduct computational analyses on bone ingrowth and bone structural change after placement of a cementless total knee implant, following different activity levels, patient features and implant designs. Finite-element simulations are run using CT bone models and implant-specific forces, to predict implant failure over years of implant use.
Patello-femoral Surgery
Researcher: Dennis Janssen and Sebastian van de Groes;
Intern: Bachelor and/or Master
Optimization of patellafemoral surgery through pre-operative planning and image guided surgery.

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