Mirthe van Veghel, M.Sc.

About me

In the summer of 2021 I obtained my Master’s degree in Health Sciences. Hereafter, I worked as a junior researcher at the Dutch Arthroplasty Register (LROI). Since March 2022 I have been working as a PhD candidate at the Orthopaedic Research Lab.

My research

The topic of my PhD-project is to emphasize the importance of orthopedics and the international collaboration between national arthroplasty registers such as the LROI. The main purpose of national arthroplasty registers is to collect information on patients, procedures and prostheses in order to monitor and improve the patient course and outcomes after joint arthroplasty. National arthroplasty registers provide opportunities to compare countries, which is important to improve our understanding of national differences and similarities.


During my PhD-project, I compare hip and knee arthroplasties registered in the LROI with hip and knee arthroplasties registered in the national arthroplasty registers of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Australia.